Spirit Talk By Yeyeo Botanica

Spiritual Health & Care 101

Jul 19 2017 1 Comment

This month's Spirit Talk revolves around something even the best of us can forget to do: which is to take time for ourselves!   LIFE IS ABOUT BALANCE! Always remember that! A common situation for all spiritual people from all practices is forgetting simple maintenance & care for ourselves spiritually. The same way a car needs its oil changed or a filter cleaned is the same way we have to remember to take care of ourselves.  It is very easy to get caught up in doing spell work, cleaning your home or business or even helping others in spiritual workings...

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Spirit Talk June 2017

Jun 02 2017 0 Comments

3 of Pentacles Candle(s): Double Action Money Candle Black & Green Spiritual Colors: Black & Green Herb/Incense:Hyssop, Rue & Patchouli-mixed, dried This month's Mini Reading revolves around work & business.  The card speaking is the 3 of Pentacles, in reverse. The 3 of Pentacles generally represents what a person is good at, their trade, business or profession. It also represents a person who has worked hard to receive a reward or blessing or is doing so now in order to gain what they desire in their work life.  However, when the 3 of Pentacles is reversed, it advises us to not...

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Spirit Talk May 2017

May 01 2017 2 Comments

There are many different tarot card decks you can use, the past couple of tarot readings were with the traditional Rider Waite deck or the Baraja Espanola.   While the overall meanings for tarot are usually the same, each deck will have it’s own special vibrations & the interpretation will be a bit different. This month’s deck is a very special & unique Dragon Tarot Deck. Dragons are symbolic of strength & wisdom in many different cultures. This month’s mini reading is with 3 cards. The cards are: Strength-in reverse Wheel of Fortune-in reverse Queen of Coins Candle: White &...

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Spirit Talk April 2017

Apr 18 2017 0 Comments

This month's Spirit Talk revolves around thinking ahead, organization & consistency. One thing we all forget at times is that without consistent efforts, we cannot realize the change we want.  A common question we get in the store is "well i did this once, do I need to continue it?" Think of it like this: Do cars need maintenance in order to work? Sure you may forgo that oil change but then what happens eventually? You run the risk of your engine over heating and may end up with a larger, more expensive car repair bill. That weekend vacation you...

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Spirit Talk Q & A

Mar 02 2017 2 Comments

Starting soon! Our motto is a Modern Approach to Tradional Beliefs and there is a reason for that.  We get lots of great questions in the shop but sometimes it's so busy we are not able to answer everything. (Busy is a good problem to have in life!) This is where you, our wonderful customers come in.  Each week, you can submit your questions & we'll answer! We will pick anywhere from 1,2 or 3 random topics or questions from your submissions. All submissions must be related to any/all types of spirituality, religions, spiritual practices or traditions. They can be...

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Spirit Talk March 2017

Mar 01 2017 0 Comments

Candle: Red, in any size you prefer Spiritual Color: Yellow Spiritual Incense/Herb: Cinnamon This month’s mini reading is with the traditional Baraja Espanola or Spanish Playing cards. These are a very well known deck which are mostly used by experienced spiritualists or spirit workers. They are excellent for anyone who is wishing to learn how to read spiritual cards but who may not necessarily want to try Tarot cards first. With the Baraja Espanola, Coins represent & relate to all things material & financial whether they be debts, investments, inheritances, jobs etc. The 5 of Coins was the card that...

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Spirit Talk February 2017

Feb 08 2017 1 Comment

This months Spirit Talk focuses on the Odu of the Yoruba Diloggun. Also known as the "Caracoles" or Shells, this is a form of divination done with cowrie shells only by initiated priests or priestesses of the Santeria/Lukumi religion.  The Odu of the Diloggun have stories or sayings with advice that pertains to the reason the customer came for the reading. There are many Odu or combinations that can come up; each containing very specific information, advice & recommendations.  This month, we will discuss the Odu Oche Irosun and how it applies to our lives. One of the sayings of Oche Irosun...

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Spirit Talk January 2017

Jan 08 2017 3 Comments

Customers ask & we listen!  We have so many clients from many different areas that may not be local, this is something we hope you enjoy. Every month Yeyeo Botanica will offer spiritual guidance and advice; this will include mini readings of many different types; from Tarot to Orisha Odu and much more.  These special blog postings can include include spells, recipes and recommendations of spiritual tools you can use to enhance your spiritual life.  If you enjoy these mini readings, imagine what a full session could be like! Call or email us today to schedule your own reading today....

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