Spirit Talk April 2017

Spirit Talk April 2017

This month's Spirit Talk revolves around thinking ahead, organization & consistency. One thing we all forget at times is that without consistent efforts, we cannot realize the change we want.

A common question we get in the store is "well i did this once, do I need to continue it?"

Think of it like this:

Do cars need maintenance in order to work?

Sure you may forgo that oil change but then what happens eventually? You run the risk of your engine over heating and may end up with a larger, more expensive car repair bill.

That weekend vacation you wanted to take is now out the window because you had to fix the car engine instead.

Had you just made the time to change the oil 6 months ago, the huge car repair you have now on your hands could have been avoided.

Our own lives are the same way. By taking time to think ahead and being consistent in our actions, we can avoid or lessen the possibility of negativity or negative situations occurring.

Find a routine that works for you, if lighting a candle once a month or once a week is what works for you, then stick with that. Just make sure you are consistent with your efforts.

Organize all your spiritual tools into one area so you can easily find things when you need them. Get a basket or small organizer, whatever you decide.

We cannot prevent every thing in life but with consistency & taking the time to think ahead, we can make our lives productive & pleasant.

If you go back and read the Spirit Talk Blogs for this year, there are works you can do even now to help promote positive energy & manifest the goals you want to reach.

"It won't work unless you work it"- Iya Elemi

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