Spirit Talk Q & A

Spirit Talk Q & A

Starting soon!

Our motto is a Modern Approach to Tradional Beliefs and there is a reason for that.

We get lots of great questions in the shop but sometimes it's so busy we are not able to answer everything. (Busy is a good problem to have in life!)

This is where you, our wonderful customers come in.

Each week, you can submit your questions & we'll answer! We will pick anywhere from 1,2 or 3 random topics or questions from your submissions.

All submissions must be related to any/all types of spirituality, religions, spiritual practices or traditions. They can be about products, how to use things, what are they for etc.

We think it's a great way to interact with our wonderful customers but it will also let you learn more from others as well.

We will not use names or identifying information. For example: "Today question or topic on Spirit Talk is about XYZ".

Please submit all questions/topics to social@yeyeo.com, in the subject line of your email please put Spirit Talk Question.

We cannot guarantee we will be able to answer or post all submissions sent to us, we will do our best :)

Questions/topics will be chosen randomly and at the discretion of Yeyeo Botanica.

***Please note that these informal blogs cannot replace an actual reading, please keep this in mind when asking/submitting questions***

We hope you enjoy this feature & look forward to it.


The Staff at Yeyeo Botanica

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Do you know of any communities In Rochester,NY or that Area which you can recommend as a starting point for my journey in this belief system?


Hello i need help i have been having lots of bad negativity stuff going on in my house with myself and my kids , my husband and i never had financial problems now we are having really bad financial problems with him finding a good job and stuff like that i need some candles fixed and wanted to ask if you sale them like that or do we have to fix them please im in desperate need of help ma am

Priscilla A Trevino

Sign me up, love you guys!!!

Richard Brooks

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