Spirit Talk March 2017

Spirit Talk March 2017

Candle: Red, in any size you prefer
Spiritual Color: Yellow
Spiritual Incense/Herb: Cinnamon

This month’s mini reading is with the traditional Baraja Espanola or Spanish Playing cards. These are a very well known deck which are mostly used by experienced spiritualists or spirit workers.

They are excellent for anyone who is wishing to learn how to read spiritual cards but who may not necessarily want to try Tarot cards first.

With the Baraja Espanola, Coins represent & relate to all things material & financial whether they be debts, investments, inheritances, jobs etc.

The 5 of Coins was the card that decided to make its presence known today which is very interesting being that March 1st is the first day of spring in the meteorological calendar(the spring equinox begins on March 20th 2017 this year)

The 5 of coins is a card that speaks of joy, celebration & acknowledgements. It lets us know that announcements that are coming or that will be made. The 5 of coins says that we may discover a bond or link to someone or something that is meaningful to us. It also advises that we may find ourselves in a place or meeting where things may occur to our benefit.

So, for example, you may be reunited with an old friend you had much affection for. For single people you may reconnect with an old lover that never forgot about you or vice versa. Perhaps you take back up an old hobby you had or you find a new one that you now have great love for. This can also mean you find a new job or or something new about your job that you may find greater respect and admiration for.

This could be a good time to branch out socially or in careers. Perhaps by going to social functions you normally would not have gone to, you may find something better or the potential for something better for yourself. The 5 of Coins says that you can find something of benefit to yourself at some type of event or gathering. Maybe you network or find new business partners if you're an entrepreneur.

Read January’s Spirit Talk when you have a chance, because it relates to this card very much.

Burn a red candle to empower you in all your ventures.

Yellow provides mental clarity & focus for your goals.

Use Cinnamon in baths or burned on charcoal to attract helpful spirits or to bring things to you quickly. (we also carry a really nice brand of Cinnamon Incense too)

Blessings & well wishes!

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