Spiritual Health & Care 101

Spiritual Health & Care 101

This month's Spirit Talk revolves around something even the best of us can forget to do: which is to take time for ourselves!

LIFE IS ABOUT BALANCE! Always remember that!

A common situation for all spiritual people from all practices is forgetting simple maintenance & care for ourselves spiritually.

The same way a car needs its oil changed or a filter cleaned is the same way we have to remember to take care of ourselves.

It is very easy to get caught up in doing spell work, cleaning your home or business or even helping others in spiritual workings etc.

You will be of no use to yourself, friends, family or loved ones if you are run down.

Here are some tips & suggestions to help you take care of yourself spiritually & emotionally.

  • Make time for yourself-whether its one day a month, a week or a certain time of the day. Set aside time just for you. No husband, no wife, no kids-Just YOU!
  • Use this time to center & meditate for yourself, praying for the things YOU need & want.
  • Make a spiritual bath or burn incense specifically for cleansing & purification. Use your spiritual downtime to clear your head, to recharge & clear your spiritual energy of clutter & unnecessary vibrations.
  • Breathing meditation exercises are great because they force you to pay attention to your breathing, thereby not allowing your mind to wander.

Some suggested items we carry:

Loose White Sage, burned on charcoal while meditating.

Clearance Bath

Spiritual Clearing Powder, either before or after meditation as you choose.

Eucalyptus, removes negativity around you & in your environment. You can burn the actual plant on charcoal, make a bath with it or use the incense sticks. Eucalyptus Incense

This is not time to work with altars, spirits or ancestors, that is for a different time you set aside.

The focus is on you taking time to take care of yourself, everything else can be done another day.

We will also be doing a workshop on Spiritual Cleansing soon! Keep an eye out on Social Media & your email for announcements & info.

As always, Love, Light & Progress!

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