Magical Oils & Powders

Magical Oils & Powders

Oils & Powders are popular for magical workings in many spiritual traditions. They are easily customized for any work & can be simple to use.

Powders are made by finely grinding up dried flowers, plant roots, resins & other organic/natural ingredients depending on the purpose.

Oils are made by blending extracted essences from natural sources then blending with a base oil.

Color may or may not be added to enhance the energy of the oil or powder depending on it's use: Love Oils or Powders may be colored red or pink, Money/Prosperity Green etc.

Powders & Oils can be used to:

  • Make Candle work stronger or boost the effects
  • Protect your home or business
  • In Baths & Floor Washes
  • To keep away enemies & negative energy
  • Added to Mojo Bags
  • Powders can be added to Oils to further enhance the strength of that particular oil
  • Change or cleanse energy or vibrations on your or your environment.

Oils & Powders can be blended together to create a stronger item. It can then be worn, added to candles etc. Many of our customers mix & match items for Money, Love, Protection & many more different specific requests.

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One excellent powder for cleaning the home or business is Chasing Powder. It is powder that burns up quickly, creating a bright spark. It literally "chases" out all types of negative energy out of the area it is used in.

It has also been used to sprinkle in the path of an enemy or troublesome person to "chase" them away.

Van Van Oil, is an oil with a great many uses. It is very much a double action oil since it more than one thing.

Van Van can be used for:

  • Road Opening
  • Reversal of Negative into Positive.
  • Banishing & Removal evil energy or vibrations
  • Cleansing & Purifying
  • Protection
  • Meditation
  • Brings Good Luck in all money matters, business, gambling and love

Our Spiritual Clearing Powder is a patented, one of kind powdered bath that cannot be found anywhere else. View more about it here: Spiritual Clearing Powder

We carry a great selection different oils & powders, just too many to mention in one blog post!

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