Figure Candles-Not just for putting whammys!

Figure Candles-Not just for putting whammys!

Every time someone comes into the shop, the figure candles always bring up a lot of questions. Possibly because they seem weird looking but also most people seem to think that figure candles are only used for hexing, witchcraft or something similarly negative.

Today’s blog is going to cover other types of figure candles not typically used.

Figure or image candles are uniquely powerful and are great to help yourself in many situations. All figure candles are meant to be burnt only for a small amount of time each day. The longer the candle burns, the better the work will be.

Another thing to note, figure candles are about consistency & patience! You have to discipline yourself to work this candle spell every day until its finished. Anointing any candle you are working on with oils, herbs & powders for the intention you are trying to manifest will boost the power greatly.


Burn a figure candle (based on your physical gender) to do the following:

  • White can help with inner peace, tranquility & balance. Excellent if you suffer from anxiety, depression or just need to pick yourself up a bit.
  • Green is for growth in all areas but also for attracting prosperity & wealth. Green can also be for dominating & control-think Santa Marta La Dominadora.
  • Red is for protection, bringing energy & love. Red also inspires action & motivation. So if you have been feeling “blah”, this can help you get it going.
  • Black is for warding evil & removing negativity & blockages; it can also block work being done against you.
  • Pink is traditional for love but also for healing spiritually & emotionally. Pink is for communication, understanding, self-love & self-respect.

When burning a figure candle for yourself, write your name as many times as you like on the candle, focusing on your goal & wishes.


Cat Candles are great for luck. Cats are quick & always land on their feet.

  • Burn a green cat candle to find money & for good luck in gambling or games of chance.
  • Black cat candles help you avoid evil workings since cats move quickly out of the of the way but also helps you to escape traps & hide from enemies.
  • Red Cat Candles are strong protection but also for a attracting a mate.


Cross Candle aren’t as well known but are absolutely amazing. Based on the color, youburn a cross candle while reading specific psalms for that purpose.

  • Burn a black cross candle & read psalm 7 to remove crossed conditions & overcome enemies plotting against you.
  • Burn a white cross candle & read psalm 62 to receive holy blessings
  • Burn a green cross candle & read psalm 4 for good luck or psalm 65 to fortunate in all your undertakings.

You can also burn a cross candle and pray however you like, just remember to choose the appropriate color.


Figure candles in the shape of male & female genitals are for great for inspiring passion in new or existing relationships or helping in fertility rituals. For example, if you & your husband are trying to conceive, you can burn black or red genital candles to remove obstacles preventing you from conceiving. If you are fighting a lot, burn white genital candles to bring peaceful energy between you instead.


Skull candles, another often misunderstood candle can be used for many purposes besides hexing or witchcraft. Skull candles represent the mind or mental processes of all kinds. It represents influence or communication.

  • Burn a white skull candle if you wish to find peace and clarity in your own thoughts or in that of another person.
  • Burn Black Skull candles to remove negative or dysfunctional thought processes & behaviors.
  • Red Skull candles can help kick start motivation & action but also to protect you mentally & emotionally from unwanted vibrations.


Knob Candles are for very specific strong requests. They are made in 7 segments to be burned for 7 days straight.

  • Burn a black knob candle to remove witchcraft done to you.
  • Burn red knob candles for a strong protection work or to find the right person for you in a love relationship.
  • Green knob candles are great for money drawing work where you need a breakthrough.
  • White knob candles can be for any peaceful request or help clear your own energy & thoughts.

All these candles are in stock, so come on down today & try something new for yourself or a loved one.


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