Spiritual Product Consultation

Do you have questions about Spiritual Products and how to best use them?

Or would you like recommendations of products to use such as herbs for a bath or the best incense for your home or business?

We now offer Product Consultations. Ask questions about how to use Spiritual Products, recommendations for products or services that we offer or let us suggest and put together a collection of products for your situation.

What to know:

  • Product Consultation is $40 for 15 Minutes.
  • By Appointment only; product consultation is by phone or chat directly on our website.
  • This service is for asking questions about spiritual products; how to use them or recommendations of products to use for a spiritual work.
  • This is NOT a Spiritual Reading, if you are looking for information about your situation, please schedule a Spiritual Reading.
  • Payment is non refundable so please be sure this service is correct for you.