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Used to bring a new lover, intensify physical passions or bring back a straying lover.

Store Policies

Store Policies


G1. All sales are final, no returns, exchanges or refunds will be issued by Yeyeo Botanica, store credit only at our discretion. **Exception-items that are expected to backordered/unavailable for a prolonged period of time, see below**

G2. Any questions, concerns or claims regarding an online order MUST BE made in writing via email to us within 5 business days upon receipt. Please email botanica@yeyeo.com with your name and order number. Please provide as much information as possible.

G3. In the event of an issue with an item alleged to be not as described:

A Store credit in the amount of the listed retail price or price paid will be issued towards a future purchase OR replacement item of equivalent value will be sent.

Yeyeo Botanica reserves the right to replace or substitute any items with one of equal value at our discretion.


Please be advised that while we take every precaution to ensure your items arrive to you safely, we have no control over circumstances once the package leaves our store. 

We DO NOT guarantee, refund or replace broken candles or any other glass/fragile items until additional handling or insurance is purchased.

If an item arrives broken, you must file a claim directly with the carrier in question. 

*** For packages sent with USPS Priority Mail, $50 insurance is already included with your shipping cost. You can file a claim directly with the USPS for reimbursement for broken/damaged items. You will need to take pictures of the broken/damaged item & also will need to show proof of purchase. For more information, please see the link below:


Please contact us if you have any questions.



We currently ONLY ship to the Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico. We do our best to ship economically & quickly. 

While we do out best to get out orders quickly, please be advised that our handling time can be anywhere from 1-4 business days depending on when your order was placed( we are closed on sundays and major federal holidays), order size etc.

If you have any questions about your order, please email botanica@yeyeo.com or call the store any time.


Please do not choose this option if you live out of state or will not be picking up your order in person.

You will be sent an additional invoice to pay for the correct shipping charge. If we do not hear back from you in 48 hours, your order will be cancelled & your payment method refunded. 


We strive to have the majority of items in stock, however please keep in mind that we are a spiritual store, we carry unique items; some of which are not available fast. ( E.G handmade etc)

Due to the nature of the items we sell and due to supply and demand; we cannot guarantee 100% availability. There may be times where an item will sell out faster than what is updated on our website. 

Please also be advised that there may be times where items will be unavailable for a prolonged period of time. If this is the case, customers can elect to receive a refund on those items. 

Some items are subject to availability and we ship via the most economical but appropriate service so your purchase arrives to your safely.

Please see the following policies regarding backordered-substituted items:

1-You may elect to wait until all items are available and then shipped.

2-You may elect for us to send the available items immediately. The back stock items will ship separately once available.  ***PLEASE NOTE, IF YOU CHOOSE OPTION 2, THERE MAY BE AN ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGE TO COVER THE COST OF THE 2ND SHIPMENT IF IT EXCEEDS THE SHIPPING ALREADY PAID***

3-You may elect to take a store credit to be used for a future purchase online or in store.

4-If only 1 or 2 items are out of stock out of an order, we will send the sold out items separately and send everything else we have in stock. 

5-Substitutions-Yeyeo Botanica may substitute items if:

  • an item is sold out or backordered and is not expected in stock within a week or two.  
  • If we have an item that is very similar or in just in a different format to the item that was ordered (EG ordered eucalyptus leaf but we send eucalyptus powder instead, ordered 2 two small colognes but we send the same one in a larger size)
  • We may make substitutions without notification if the item(s) being substituted are not drastically different in order to keep customers from waiting too long for their orders.

6-Back ordered or prolonged unavailability items: While we do our best to avoid this, there will be times where certain items will be unavailable or on back order for a prolonged amount of time(prolonged meaning more than 1-2 weeks).

If this is the situation with an item ordered, the customer must decide if they wish to wait or if they would prefer us to issue a refund instead. If the customer chooses to wait for their item(s), we will ship it as soon as it arrives; however the customer must understand that we have no control over manufacturing delays or delays from the vendors. 

7-Yeyeo Botanica is not responsible for delays in fulfilling orders if we are waiting on information or a response from a customer. 



Deposits for work or services are to be made ONLY if the client is 100% they can commit to the work or service being requested. If you are unsure or have any questions or concerns, please DO NOT leave a deposit unless you are ready to continue.

Once a deposit is made, the following terms & conditions will apply which are NOT NEGOTIABLE.

1.Deposits are refundable with 7 days ONLY.

2.After the 14 day grace period, Client has 21 days to finish all payments.

3. If client elects not to continue the work/service, 50% of their deposit will made available to use as as store credit, remaining 50 % is forfeit. Client may use store credit for purchases or products at Yeyeo Botanica or another reading.

3.After 30 days, deposits/store credits not used will be forfeited & store credit will no longer be available.


1-Spiritual Readings on a walk in basis, please call the store for days and times as this may chance from week to week.

2-Specialty Readings such as Diloggun and Mini Life Readings are by appointment only. Please call the store to schedule these specific readings first.

2-All Appointments must be confirmed. We do our best to call the day before to confirm your appointment; however sometimes it may be busy and we not be able to.

If our staff cannot reach you to confirm your appointment or you do not call to confirm, it is automatically cancelled.

3-No Call/No Show-If you confirm an appointment but fail to appear without calling us or cancelling, you will not be given an appointment in the future. You must call the day you are interested in coming to see if there are any time slots available.

If you have any questions, please call us or email us directly. 



We try to provide our clients valuable services as much as possible to thank them for their loyalty & patronage. We know how parking is in the downtown Newark area so this may be a service that is interesting or useful to our clients specifically. 

Starting this month, Yeyeo Botanica will be testing a In Store Pick Up Service. Customers can place their order online & for a small service fee, we will have your order ready to pick up the next day. 

*Please note that this is a trial/beta service being tested so we cannot guarantee 100% performance or accuracy at this time.*

Please see the following rules & guidelines:

  • In Store Pickup will cost $3.95 per order.
  • In Store Pick up orders will be ready the NEXT business day. Customers can also let us know if they wish to come on a different day. 
  • Customers must give their Name & Order # in order to pick up their purchase. 
  • If any items are sold out or back ordered, customers will be notified, customers can either take a substitute item of equal or lesser value or take a rain check/store credit.
  • Orders are held for 5 days, after 5 days, items will be put back and not guaranteed to be available. 



Customer Testimonials

Our customers have a lot say, please read below for their experiences here at Yeyeo Botanica:

Toshiba:  "When I come to Yeyeo my experience has been great.  I feel at peace and positive energy.  Elemi and Addy are beautiful woman with good souls.  I feel at home when I am in their presence"

Anonymous:  "Customer service amazing!  No other botanica store will treat nor teach as this one.  The best part “reasonable prices!”

Tanya:  "I was very nervous before my reading.  But once I sat down and started talking with her, I felt at ease.  She confirmed many things that I was feeling and also suggest things to do to work on myself.  Thanks a bunch Elemi!  I will be back."

L:   "This priestess is the best!  I have travelled all the way from the South to get another reading from her.  She is brutally honest with her information.  I love her she save my life!"

M.H. :  "Elemi is the real deal and her advice is always on point.  She is a gift from God to help the weak and needy.  I found my light and purpose through her and so can you.  The energy at the store is good and you get a great customer service.  They always have everything in stock."

Anonymous:  "Great customer service!  Even when on a fixed budget, I leave feeling ready!"

Asar:  "Great reading, great Customer service, great  energy.  Elemi exudes confidence, good energy and sincere.  She is one of the best readers I have personally encountered in a very long time Kudos!!"

Carmen:  "Special compliment to two wonderful people, that have been helping and advising me through my bad times and good times.  May God bless and protect them always!"

Andrea:  "We/I come into the store it gives my life hope.  I feel all good things it makes me want to come back and I get the best sleep in the world.  I will be back"

Keir:  "Yeyeo is a second love for me.  Everyone in the walls of Yeyeo are beautiful spirits and my candles are always prepared with wisdom and love.  I am thankful for their spiritual guidance and helping me on my path."

ENBS:  "I appreciate the wonderful Customer service I received today.  I am a happy customer, I will continue to bring my business here.  Thanks !

Katisha Hollman:  "I love this store very informative very helpful and friendly customer service."

Anonymous:  "Elemi is a awesome spiritual woman.  I know she knows the way of open doors woman of power and wisdom.  I love you Elemi!  Can’t wait to see you soon!! J"

Anonymous:  "My work from the store she did pretty well.  I like that she makes her own soaps and oils."

Juanita M. Adames:  "Elemi is amazing.  I’m truly grateful for all of her help!  Muchiimas Gracias!"

Brandie:  "I love Elemi, she changed my life!"

D.R.:  "I came to this store it was the best experience.  The salesperson was very nice, she knows her work and advised me what to use for my problems.  I was so sad when I came but after leaving I was the happy knowing my problem would be solved.  Thanks to her nice lady. the best Addy!"

M.A.:  "My reading was quite informative and empowering .  Elemi is the real deal.  I can’t recommend her enough!"

JP:  "The store gives such a positive vibe and everyone that works in the store are so helpful in regards to your spiritual needs.  Elemi is such a positive force and it is always a pleasure bring in her presence.  She has helped me in many different avenues of my life.  Thank you!!"

Jonathan:  "She is the TRUTH!!!!" 

Oshun Tokun:  "I love the Store!!!!!!"

JT:  "There is this great spiritual store right in downtown Newark, on Halsey Street.  Go there, you will experience what I experienced and the store people are so polite and helpful!"

Anonymous:  "Elemi is caring, knowledgeable and a consummate of professionalism.  She runs a great shop and is great spiritual guide.  The readings and the store give you things you need to help yourself (whatever situation)."

Kim:  "When I come to the store I feel safe and the energy is really good here.  Elemi is awesome, she is not judgmental.  She is very good at giving advice that is real world and grounding.  I am truly blessed to have located this store."

Cynthia P:  "Thank you Yeyeo for all your guidance and help.  You have truly been a spiritual blessing.  I love coming into the store because it brings joy to my aura.  Keep up the good work.

When I come into this store it is always clean, smelling good and makes me feel relaxed.  Thank you for providing excellent service."

Anonymous:  "I love thie store it is always a welcome feeling when entering.  Addy is always pleasant and helpful.

Elemi has a great store.  I just love it and her readings are very helpful in my life."

Rahzia Castillo:  "The store is inviting and very organized.   It is always a pleasant experience, and always the help that I need.

Elemi is very hands on and can provide me with thorough instructions to anything I ask.  The readings are informative and she makes sure to explain the messages are clear.  Thank you J"

AG:   "I like the store it brings me good luck.  I wish the world would come here."

Nicole:   "Addy was very helpful.  I enjoy coming here.  I was undecided but Addy clarified things.  Thanks!"

Marie:  "Coming to visit Yeyo Botanica, I was very impressed by the cleanliness of the store, items fully stocked and friendly staff who are very knowledgable and honest"

Nicole:  "Elemi has been my spiritual advisor for the past three (3) years and she is amazing!!!  She is highly skilled a great communicator and always takes her time so I never feel rushed.  I highly recommend visiting Yeyeo and making an appointment!."

Leyda Roman:  "I’ve been coming to your store for a while 100% satisfied."

Tiffany:  "This is my third time coming and satisfied"

Anonymous:   "I really like the store.  Elemi prepares the best candles in the world.  They are always extremely effective and fast acting.  She always gives the best productive consultations."

Anonymous:   "If I didn’t take the advice given to me by Elemi, I would not gone to other places.  Sometimes it’s not what you want to hear it is what you need to hear.

They say home is the first place, work is the second place, this  “Yeyeo Botanica” is the third place."

Anonymous:   "Elemi is the Best.  She is  a Guardian Angel with a heart of gold.  She welcomed me with open arms and positive energy.  She helped me a lot.  Because of Elemi I’m more focused and grounded and I learned more about myself, my surroundings.  I learned a lot about my ancestor heritage.   Thank God for Elemi because of her I’ve made many, many great changes for my family and myself.

Yeyeo Botanica is the best Botanica that I’ve come across.  All the staff and Elemi are very cool, welcoming and caring.  They helped me with a lot of things.  They help me with solutions to my situations, they made sure if I was ok and satisfied with my purchases.  Yeyeo Botanica is the Best around.  I am from NYC and the botanicas’  in NYC can learn a lot from Yeyeo Botanica."

Anonymous:  "I had a great reading.  Thanks for giving me things, that I knew was true

Holland: "It is a pleasure to come into Yeyeo. No clutter, its attractively decorated.  Clean spirits and lovely people as your employees."

Anonymous: “I love this place”.

Aliyah:  "Yeyeo Botanica overall is a wonderful store that is filled with various exotic spiritual and mental needs, all of the staff are insightful, helpful and eager to help.  Since finding this botanica it has been my oasis to spiritual growth that I never knew existed.  This botanica helped to pave the way for me to have a better discernment with my higher self through spirit, the owner especially is an excellent spiritual worker, who really reads through several events that were plaguing me and with her help and spiritual guidance as well has helped me and inspired me holistically to be a better me; this botanica is a nutshell is awesome and I would recommend any and every one to visit this unique warm and beautiful botanica."

Benjamin: "It has been my pleasure to be a customer at Yeyeo for the last two years. The service and spiritual guidance is of the best quality and I have appreciated the experience.  I highly recommend Yeyeo!!"

Anonymous:  "The store has been a central place I turn to for advice and spiritual guidance.  Whenever I walk out I am relieved of my burdens due to the Customer Service!  Whatever you need, it’s here and if it’s not the employees doe their diligence to get your needs met.  I recommend anyone to stop by, learn history and practical ways to get things moving in your life."

I never thought of receiving spiritual guidance in the way it is offered at this Botanica.  What I appreciate most is your commitment to getting to know your customers.  Elemi may not realize it but she is a strong woman who I look to as a mother figure..  AWESOME

Kristina S. from Providence RI:  "Believe me… This is a place you WANT to be.  Elemi is always spot on and accurate.  The store is bright and organized.  I will return again and again…."

Veda:  “ Yeyeo  Botanica has the most religious and spiritual needs around!  The sales associates are EXTREMELY (emphasis on extremely) knowledgeable and helpful.”

Anonymous: “Yeyeo’s energy is amazing”

Effie:   "This is my fifth (5) time coming to Elemi.  She is wonderful, loving, caring and very knowledgeable.  Her guidance has helped me solve my financial problems, personal issue and family issues.  Her guidance has led me to my success in every way.  I will never stop consulting or seeking her guidance and spiritual advise."

April:  "This was my first time.  WOW! I was completely satisfied and I love her."

Hawwa:  “The spirit of this store invites anyone open and willing to receive guidance and grow spiritually.  I spent years seeking out counseling and spiritual guidance from people who were driven by profiting off my spiritual instability.  After coming here almost three (3) years ago, I’ve never found the need to go elsewhere.  This store’s aura is as bright as its banner and its presence on Halsey Street makes Yeyeo a powerful, quiet hidden secret.  Elemi’s love and respect for the spirits is extended to every visitor that walks through these doors.  For those willing to visit Yeyeo is truly a modern approach to traditional beliefs that will always leave you feeling centered.”

Hawwa’s Review regarding reading by Elemi:  “Elemi has a gift of empathy and discernment that has a way of elevating enlightening and inspiring every person she encounters.  Her advice has a way of resonating with you in a way that makes you feel understood and appreciative of the compassion that comes with her words.  She is rejuvenating and insightful in a way that makes you feel like she’s lived so many lives (possibly even yours!) Her light is constant, clear and loving and it makes me feel lucky to have met someone who can be a great counselor, advisor, friend and a wonderful human being.”

A:  "The only Botanica I’ve been to where the candles ACTUALLY WORK!!! Especially the “Shut-Up” ones."

D.P:   "Elemi is awesome, I stopped by today to pick up essential oils but in the past Elemi has helped me in ways unimaginable.  She has a spiritual gift and I don’t know what I would do without her guidance and Counsel.

Thank you and see you soon."

Anonymous:  "Today I stopped by the store and was very pleased."

Asar:  "Yesterday on the 23rd of July, I was very tired and sluggish. I needed to do a cleansing of my aura.  Addie gave me some advice on how I should go about doing it with the limited amount of funds that I had.  I got the materials I acquired and followed Addies advice.  The next morning I felt very light and renewed.  I thank Almighty for Yeyeo and Addies advice."

Anonymous:  "Today I stopped by the store and was very pleased."

Anonymous:  "When I come to the store people at the store are helpful and I am always happy when I leave."

Rony:  "My experience at Yeyeo Botanica was very professional the employees were very helpful and they educate you during your shopping experience.

My experience with Elemi was life changing.  Very professional and she really focuses on what’s important to help and educate on what is going on in your life."

Anonymous:  "I want to thank the team for their prayers and work on behalf of my promotion at work. Thank you." 

H.H:  "Everything in the store was good and the lady who dresses my candle has a good spirit and the candles worked wonderful."

Anonymous:   "A friend of mine used the “Lucky Money oil” and he went to Atlantic City with $25.00 and came home with $400.00."

E.V.:   "I like coming here everyone is so helpful always give me what I need for the situation at hand.  I am a regular customer because everything works out." 

Anonymous:  "Love this place, loving the vibe very helpful people."

Kisha  Hollaway:   "I was very pleased with my reading.  Elemi was on point with everything.  I didn’t have to say much, she already knew!  I would refer anyone I know who is in need of a ready to her.  The workers in the store are always so very pleasant and helpful.  I’m looking forward to my next visit."




When I come to Yeyeo my experience has been great.  I feel at peace and positive energy.  Elemi and Addy are beautiful woman with good souls.  I feel at home when I am in their presence


Great reading, great Customer service, great  energy.  Elemi exudes confidence, good energy and sincere.  She is one of the best readers I have personally encountered in a very long time Kudos!!


We/I come into the store it gives my life hope.  I feel all good things it makes me want to come back and I get the best sleep in the world.  I will be back


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