Using Keys for Spells & Work

Using Keys for Spells & Work

Key Spells

One of our favorite charms is a Key. Keys have so much use when it comes to spiritual workings & spells. Keys can be used to open or lock doors-whether its for health, opportunity or love. Key Charms can be worn as jewelry, carried with our regular house/business keys, hung in our cars & added to spell work.

Check out some of these easy spells you can do with keys below. Enjoy!

Love Key Spell

Anoint a key and lock with Open Road & Come to Me Oils. Then anoint a Green & Pink Candle with the same oils, size is your choice. Place the lock & key in between the two candles. Make sure the lock is open & the key next to it.

Ask for the doors of Love & Romance to be unlocked for you.

This is also great for relationships that are having issues. This can unlock & remove problems.

Money Drawing

Anoint a Key with our Lucky Money™ Oil. Anoint any money candle of your choosing with the same oil. Pray for the things you want & need. Leave the key next to the candle until it finishes burning.

Business owners can hang this key above the door of their business or leave it in their cash register so the door to money is always open to them. Individuals can take this lucky key on job interviews.

For Good Luck

Anoint a key with Van Van & High John Oil. Take the same oils & anoint a 7 Color Candle. Leave the key next to the candle until it finishes burning. Then put this key on your key chain & never take it off so good luck is always with you where ever you.

Saint Peter

If you liked our Mini Key Spells, read one of our previous blogs on working with Saint Peter to open your roads


For any situation where a 3rd party is involved that has control or say over the outcome or you (criminal, civil, arbitration etc) Anoint a key with Unlock Oil, then take a copy of your paperwork, place this key on top & burn an Unlocker Candle next to it. See our Court Case Spell Blog for more ideas.

Health & healing

Anoint a key with Saint Lazarus Oil. Then anoint & burn a Saint Lazarus Candle. Leave the key next to the candle until it finishes burning. Keep this key on you so the doors to Health stay open for you always. Our Babaluaye-Saint Lazarus Blog has a special oil spell for health, read it here:

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