Spiritual Magic you can eat!

Spiritual Magic you can eat!

One of the best things about Spirituality & its practices is the variety of ways we can do things.

Bet you didn't know there is spiritual magic you can eat did you?

There are many herbs, plants & foods that can be prepared to help in something you're working. We recommend doing a bit of research on spiritual foods first; think about what your goal is and then start experimenting with different items.

  • Selling your house or business? Hold an open house and make spice cookies to serve potential buyers with a little of the following: honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger & brown sugar. These are all money drawing plants to sweeten people on buying what you are offering.
  • Negativity in the home or stagnant energy? Make a nice stew with protective herbs like basil, bay leaves, rosemary, oregano. These herbs are for protection, strength and removing evil.
  • Salt Water rinses everyone knows for sore throats but its also for clearing your Throat Chakra if you feel blocked in communication/speaking.
  • Make a tea out of cinnamon sticks and orange peel. Both plants are for fast luck, money drawing & happiness. Add Honey or Brown Sugar to taste. You can drink this cold or hot. Great to serve at business meetings or negotiations to bring you success & prosperity.
  • For peace in the home or business, make Merengues & share while saying a prayer for peace, tranquility and blessings. These are simple sweets that are easy to make.
  • To deal with anxiety or sleeping issues, Chamomile Tea is excellent, so is Valerian. Note-Valerian Root is very strong and can make you drowsy, you must try a small amount at a time on a day you will not have to go out.

For those of us who are practitioners of African Traditional religions and work with Ancestors/Eggun, make any of these dishes, serve to your ancestors & eat at your altar with them. Ask for blessings, road opening and all the positive things you need in life to grow.

Stop by any time at our shop for personal recommendations and as always:

Love, Light & Peace!

Yeyeo Botanica

***As with all things, please research carefully and consult with your health care provider before trying holistic/natural remedies.***

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Love your videos. Salud y vida❤

Patricia Pena

Love your videos. Salud y vida❤

Patricia Pena

where are you located? and many Blessings to you


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