Saint Michael the Archangel-Divine Protector of All

Saint Michael the Archangel-Divine Protector of All

Saint Michael, one of the most well known angels in the Roman Catholic traditions.

September 29th is Saint Michael's Feast Day, his colors are traditional Red & Green.

He is one who is often called upon when dealing with negative situations. In our spiritual traditions & workings, Saint Michael Candles are commonly used for divine protection against evil workings and also to revoke or return evil to the sender.

Example of A Saint Michael Candle. Traditionally Red or Red & Green

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Saint Michael the Archangel is not a saint per se; it is a title conferred onto him for his duties or responsibilities bestowed upon him from Heaven. Archangel is a title that confers him the position as the leader of all of Heaven's Armies & highest of all of God's Angels.

Saint Michael is known for Combating Satan and all his evil workings against Man. He is the leader of the Army of God & heaven's forces against the powers of Hell.

In the Catholic traditions, Michael is the angel of death, carrying the souls of the deceased to heaven. Michael descends at the hour of death. He gives the soul the chance to redeem itself before passing; this further stops The Devil and his minions by not allowing any further souls to pass to the Inferno.

He calls men from life on Earth to their heavenly judgment. Catholic prayers for Saint Michael make reference to this. He weighs souls in his perfectly balanced scales. If you ever wondered why Michael is often depicted holding scales this is why.

A popular talisman many carry for divine protection is the Sword of Saint Michael, also known as an Espada. It represents the Sword Saint Michael uses to fight against evil.

In the Lukumi/Santeria traditions, Saint Michael is commonly associated with The Great Orisha Ogun. Ogun is a warrior orisha who fights against all evil that may be placed in the way of the practitioner.

Ogun wields a Machete to clear the obstacles in our lives so we may live in peace & prosperity. In this way, he is much like Saint Michael with his divine sword of protection.

Interesting Article on Saint Michael & how he is worshiped around the world:

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