Eggun-Our Ancestors & Spiritual Foundation

Eggun-Our Ancestors & Spiritual Foundation

Eggun-Our Ancestors

One of the fundamental blocks of working with your guardian spirits is to work with your ancestors or Eggun as they are called in the Lukumi/Santeria Religion.

Our ancestors are the ones who have walked many paths before us. They hold the wisdom & understanding to help guide us on the roads we are walking now.

They are the foundation and link between us and heaven; therefore it is in our best interest to work with them for our own evolution.

Who & What are Eggun?

Eggun are spirits of direct blood relation to you, they are your family members that have passed on from this life to the next. They are NOT other spirits that you may have with your like Native American Spirits, Madama, Gypsy or other spirit guides.

We all have Eggun & we all can work with them. While this is a topic that is very detailed, we will only be going over the very basic foundations of Eggun.

Eggun veneration is personal & there is no “wrong way” to speak with them or work with them; but it is always good to have the guidance of an experienced spiritualist or Olorisha (priest or priestess, also known as Santeros/Santeras of the Lukumi/Santeria religion).

The traditions vary from different houses or “iles” so you will need to discuss with your godparent or spiritual advisor if you have one. They can help with the basic guidelines on how to start your relationship & help it grow properly.

The simplest & easiest way to start working with your own ancestors, especially if you are new or not sure where to start is this:

  • Find an area you can dedicate to them only; it can be a small end table, a shelf on your bookcase, wherever you like.
  • In this area, you will place a clear glass of water & a plain white candle, any size of your choice. You may put the favorite drinks/food of your ancestors( if you know what they are) and often flowers are put to them as well.
  • Traditionally, a portion of your food every day can be given to them as thanks & as acknowledgement of your relationship to them.

To start "working" with your ancestors, light the candle, sit down....and talk! Yes it's that simple to start.

You can read from the bible, a book of psalms, poems, sing....whatever your heart desires. Most important is that you are consistent! This is a spiritual relationship you are building so being consistent in your efforts brings the most blessings.

Ideally, you should work with your Eggun as much as possible, some work with their Eggun weekly, daily etc. That is a personal choice that you must figure out for yourself.

By work, it is meant that you pray and talk to your Eggun. Some will read out of a favorite prayer book or bible, some will sit & talk to their Eggun just like they would with another person.

Understanding & building a relationship with your eggun lays the foundation for having a well-balanced spiritual life.

Your eggun shrine can be your place to vent, to laugh, cry & to be heard. It is truly a wonderful part of your spiritual life.

Maferefun Eggun!

* This blog is for general information & does not include full or complete information on traditional Eggun veneration in the Santeria Religion. You should seek the guidance of a competent Priest or Priestess who is very knowledgeable about the entire process of working with Eggun.

Want to learn more? Check out our Yeyeo Botanica Youtube channel for more information and ideas.

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