Devil Pods and their Magical Uses

Devil Pods and their Magical Uses

What is this thing you may be asking yourself?

At Yeyeo Botanica we like to find unique spiritual tools and today’s blog definitely features something you want to learn about!

Devil Pods Bat Nuts Goat Head Nuts

Known as Devil Pods, Devil Nuts, Devil’s Head, Bat Nuts, Goat Heads, Goat Nuts, Bull Nuts, Buffalo Nuts, Ling Nut, Lin Kok, Ling Kio Nut, Mustache nut or Singhada. This fascinating seed is from a species of Water Caltrop, Trapa Natans.

It’s spiky, demonic appearance is where it gets its name from. It is considered extremely powerful for driving away all types of evil influences, energies, spirits and vibrations. It’s said to deflect, ward and “scare” away malevolent forces or entities.

In Chinese culture, bats are considered lucky, so some consider this seed a good luck charm. The seed is said to resemble a bat; and because the word Bat in Chinese is similar to the word for Happiness, having this seed is said to be a very auspicious (lucky) charm to have in your possession.

Devil Pods are excellent to use in Spirit Jars, read more here: Spirit Jars for Magical Workings

So now the question is….how do you use it?

Here are some simple, effective ways to work with this impressive plant:

To ward off Evil, Jinxes, Hexes and Witchcraft:

  • Anoint A Devil Pod with a Protective oil such as Dragon’s Blood, Jinx Remover, Run Devil Run, Uncrossing or other similar oil.
  • Place on your window sills or above your doors to keep away evil from your home or business.
  • Carry Devil Pods in a red flannel bag for strong protection wherever you go.
  • Hang on your rearview mirror or keep in the glove compartment to repel unwanted vibrations or energy from yourself while driving.
  • Place a Devil Pod next to any Double Action or Reversible Candle to protect you and the work you are doing.

For Good Luck and Road Opening

  • Anoint with Van Van, Open Doors or any favorite money/prosperity oil. Carry in a Green or Gold Mojo Bag for luck.
  • Hang 8 Devil Pods over the entrance of the door with Red Satin Ribbon. 8 is a lucky number in Chinese Culture.
As always, Love, Light and Progress!

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I have a Devil Pod that was purchased at a Voodoo shop in New Orleans..I will use it in my Bizarre Magick act.

ken meaux

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