Spirit Jars for Magical Workings

Spirit Jars for Magical Workings

Everyone is familiar with candle burning but Spirit Jars (also called Spirit Bottles, Spell Bottles, Bottle Spells, Witch Bottles) are a great way to use multiple ingredients in a focused way over a longer period of time.

Honey Jar spells are an example of a Spirit Jar or Spell Jar. You write the name or intention on paper and put inside a jar or container filled with honey to "sweeten" or influence the situation towards your benefit.

Spirit Jars can be as simple or complex as you desire. The basic components of a Spirit Jar are:

  • A container that closes: This is important for the work since Spirit Jars need the items or ingredients contained or focused.
  • Ingredients based on the spell you are looking to cast. This can be anything from Herbs, Oils, Perfumes, Crystals etc
  • Penny/Altar Candles-choose candles that best work with the intention you wish to manifest.

Spirit jars are meant to work over a longer period of time; meaning when it's set up, you should be burning a candle on top of or next to the jar weekly or for a set amount of days depending on the work you are doing.

Here's an example of a "Lucky Jar Spell" we posted on our Instagram page:

Spirit Jar Spells can be made for any intention and are very versatile, here are some ideas to try out:

  • Fill a decorative jar with roots and herbs for protection, Devil Pods are excellent for casting protective energy around your home or business. Read more here: Devil Pods & their Magical Uses

Here's an example of a cute Owl jar with Devil Pods, choose something that has intention and meaning for you ;)

  • Fill a small jar with Camphor, Salt and Water, place by your front door to keep negative influences out of your home or business.
  • Write a request such as " I want a new job" or I want my roads to be open" on Parchment Paper, Joss Paper or a Magical Seal Paper. Place this paper at the bottom of the jar, cover it with Honey, Molasses, Basil, Catnip, Cinnamon Sticks and Mint. Close the Jar and burn a Gold Penny Candle once a week. Dress or anoint the candle and jar with our Lucky Open Doors Oil to bring even stronger vibrations of abundance to you.

As always, Love, Peace and Light!

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