Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Today, March 20th marks the Spring Equinox. Spring is finally here and with it comes the energy of renewal, growth and starting fresh.

Certain times of the year are excellent spiritually for starting things or giving work a kick start. Spring is one of the best, especially when doing work for yourself to grow, whether its enhancing prosperity, spiritual growth etc.

Here are some simple & effective tips and ideas for using the energy of Spring.

  • If the weather allows, open the winds & doors. Movement of wind & air through a home or business allows for the removal of stagnant energy & vibrations.
  • Mop or sprinkle your home with sweet waters, maybe mix up your favorite spiritual colognes or make a fresh flower bath that can be used for yourself & on the floors of your home or business.
  • Burn bright colored candles such as yellow, gold & green for energy, vibrancy & growth.
  • Burn cinnamon, you can burn it in its natural powdered/stick form or burn cinnamon incense sticks. Cinnamon gets things going quickly & attracts positive spirits to your work.

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