Bayberry-The Magic Money Plant

Bayberry-The Magic Money Plant

Bayberry is a spiritual plant that is well known for it's magical properties of financial prosperity, wealth and stability.

Bayberry candles have been traditionally burned on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. They are considered extremely lucky to have for the blessings of abundance they bring.

To have a Bayberry candle was considered a "luxury" as they were hard to make years ago. It took quite a few bayberries to make a single candle!

Bayberry is also one of our favorite spiritual tools because it's simple but highly effective.

All the parts of the Bayberry tree from the leaves to the root bark are wonderful for all types of money drawing and luck work.


Bayberry Candle Bayberry Root Bark Bayberry Root Oil

Some of the ways you can use Bayberry:

Carry a bayberry leaf in your wallet or sprinkle a little bit of the root chips so money stays in your wallet.

Dress a candle with bayberry, whether the oil, leaves or root for continuous prosperity and stability.

Wear our Bayberry Oil every day to always have the vibrations of prosperity around you.

To bring in 2017 on a positive vibration of abundance and good fortune, Yeyeo Botanica recommends burning a Bayberry Candle on New Year's Eve.

Pray for blessings of money, health and good fortune all year long in 2017!

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