Candle Magic 101-The energy of Colors in Candle Burning

Candle Magic 101-The energy of Colors in Candle Burning

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Learn about the meaning of candle colors in magical & spiritual spells.

In our last blog, we went over the type of candles that can be used for spiritual workings.

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Candle burning has many facets to it. So now that you have an idea of the types of candles available the next important factor is color.

In many spiritual traditions, Color is thought to have specific spiritual energies attached to them. Specific colors carry certain vibrations for different purposes. Today’s blog will go over the most familiar/basic colors, their significance & how to use them in candle burning. Keep in mind color varies in shade & nuance so we are only going to review the basic/primary colors.


All colors are derived from white light, therefore white can be used as replacement for any other candle in many rituals. It’s a common color for meditation & relaxation. White helps achieve mental clarity & stability while creating calm & peace. White represents spiritual healing & enlightenment, purification, unity/harmony & spiritual wholeness. It aids in contacting spirit helpers.


The color red is one that has firm roots in this physical world. Red stimulates energy, vitality, fertility and personal power. It is a protective color that also incites action. Depending on how it is being used, it can symbolize passion/love as well as: strength, health, courage, provides energy, vibrancy & will power.


Yellow is the color for all things related to the mind. Brainpower, intellect, wisdom, mental focus & clarity are all under Yellow’s influence. It’s used gain control over your own mental abilities. It helps to alter dark mental mood swings & breaks mental blocks. Yellow enhances creativity, inspiration, concentration, logic, learning and action. Stimulates mental activity & memory retention. Instills confidence, joy, insight, persuasive skills, charm & eloquence.


There are many shades of blue so the variation used would depend on the focus or intention of the candle. In general, Blue is the color for peacefulness, communication, harmony, sincerity & truthfulness. Blue is also used for health & healing and for work with water deities & spirits.


Green is the color of success, abundance & prosperity. Green represents fertility, rejuvenation, & luck. It also influences growth of all kinds, not just financial/materialistic. It is a great color to use to bring good luck in finding employment or making business success possible. Green can also be used in domination work with Saint Martha and to overcome jealousy & envy.


Black is often a misunderstood color. Black is used when one wants to neutralize negative energies. It offers protection from illness, evil and any negative energy sent your way from outside forces. It can be used for strong protection, repelling heavy or evil vibrations and to get rid of bad habits.


Pink typically signifies love, devotion, friendship and faith. Pink represents unconditional love, which is pure & lasting. Pink candles are traditionally used in rituals to attract romantic attention. It is also used to heal emotional & spiritual health problems. Pink helps you to be unselfish, compassionate & nurturing.


Orange is the color of sudden & immediate change. It brings to the surface energy, stamina & ambition. It helps you be adaptable & provides mental agility. Encourages action. Great for speeding up or getting things going, it enhances the energy of any other candle or tool it is used with.


Purple is a color for psychic abilities, domination & overcoming all obstacles. It amplifies other energies, breaks jinxes, drives away evil & changes luck. It helps to contact your spirit guides, provides wisdom & insight into situations and helps you to hold influence over a person or situation.


Brown represents our connection to the earth. It is used in rituals to regain balance, remove indecisiveness, stabilizes and ground your emotions & energy. Brown is also used in any rituals or spells related to physical health & healing. Also used to find lost objects and to help build foundations.


Gray is a color that has the power to offset negative influences without repercussions. Gray neutralizes, erases or cancels out negativity. It removes confusion from your mind and thoughts. It can cut through fogs, clear cloudy thoughts & help you to see things as they are.


Gold is the very symbol of good fortune. It represents money, success, victory. Gold brings positive cosmic influences. It is a great color to gain personal power or fortune. It attracts & brings whatever you wish to you.

Join us for our next blog where we go over how to put together all of the wonderful information we’ve given you, as well as some great candle workings to try for yourself!

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I’m trying to change my thoughts to positive thoughts, My business is struggling would like to gain prosperity but move all I want to focus on love

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My candles keep turning black on the top, what color or what should I do?

Leslie Reyes

Thank you creating this list.

You should consider updating & adding the color silver to this list.
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