2017 Chinese New Year-Fire Rooster!

2017 Chinese New Year-Fire Rooster!

We here at Yeyeo Botanica love to share with our readers the many different spiritual traditions from all over the world. One of our favorites being the Chinese Zodiac.

Each year is ruled by a different element and animal, which gives insight into the energies & vibrations that are at play during that year.

January 28th 2017 starts the new Lunar Year, the ruling Animal & Element for 2017 is the Fire Rooster.

So what does that mean for all of us?

First looking at the Rooster's energy, it is one of discipline, order, being organized and being in control of one's actions via scrutiny & thoughtful planning beforehand.

Rooster's energy is not one for slacking, only through hard work & perseverance will you see the rewards of your labor. It is best to stick to plans that are not too crazy to pull off, slow and steady wins the race.

Rooster's spiritual energy is just the physical animal; it seeks to show everyone who is in charge of the chicken coop. Rooster's are always the first ones up on the farm, getting everyone else up & ready for the day.

Rooster energy motivates & starts the engine going; however it is up to us to keep that engine going!

Impressions and appearance may also be important this year, so putting your best foot forward is key to being successful in all your goals. Take your time to craft your words and work carefully, ensuring you get the results you most desire.

With Fire being the predominant elemental energy, one must balance and think carefully before acting. Fire is passionate and can create many beautiful things; however fire that is too hot can burn and destroy just as easily.

2017's Fire Rooster year is one for finding, creating and maintaining balance but also remembering to see the bigger picture. Rooster energy is one of discipline & strength, so building yourself back up or reinventing yourself for a better future can be in our best interests.

2017 can be an excellent year to get yourself together in many ways, whether it's spiritually, mentally, physically & emotionally.

Recommended Workings & Spiritual Tools for 2017 Fire Rooster Year

  • Wear lots of bright, vibrant colors to attract positive vibrations.
  • Take balancing spiritual baths-First something bitter to remove negativity then something sweet to draw prosperity & success. Every once in awhile do a spiritually cool bath with simple ingredients like Cascarilla or our own handmade Spiritual Clearing Bath. Remember, balance is key this year!
  • Lucky Candle Colors to burn-Red, Gold, Orange or multicolored.
  • Burn Patchouli Incense to bring luck & fortune to your home or business.
  • Wear our Open Road Oil to keep all the positive energy of 2017 flowing in the directions you want & desire.

Happy New Year from Yeyeo Botanica!

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