Sometimes by losing, you win-Iroso Eyeunle

Sometimes by losing, you win-Iroso Eyeunle

The Diloggun Reading

(also known as an Orisha Reading, Caracoles, Registro, Merindiloggun)

This is a reading that can give great insight and information into all aspects of your life.

Diloggun Proverb Iroso Eyeunle says:

- El que nació para cabeza, si se queda en la cola, es malo.
- El que persevera triunfa.
- Todo sacrificio será recompensado.
- Hay veces que perdiendo se gana.


He who was born to be a head, if you stay as a tail, it is bad.

He who perseveres, triumphs.

Everything you sacrifice will be repaid.

There are time where in losing, you gain.

What does this mean for you and your life? How can you take those experiences in your life and turn them into prosperity for yourself? Sometimes what may appears as a setback may open up the roads for future blessings you did not think possible at that moment.

Yeyeo Botanica offers many different readings if you would like insight and guidance for you and your loved ones lives.

We also carry a great selection of books for those who like to read and learn more on their own.

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