Chakra Alignment Work

Chakra Alignment Work

Chakra Meditation is a great way to align your physical & spiritual energies. Here is a simple meditation exercise.

Items Needed:

7 Penny Candles in the colors of the Major Chakra Points.

Lucky Crown Anointing Oil

Lucky Chakra Incense **Our New exclusive blend of resin incense you'll only find at Yeyeo Botanica**

Optional: Crystal or Healing Stone of your choice


Find a comfortable place to sit & meditate.

Each day you will light one candle, starting with the Crown Chakra. You may choose a specific time every day or a random time.

Before lighting the candle, anoint it with the Crown Anointing Oil. Light some of the Lucky Chakra Incense. Both will help to align your spiritual energies.

Once the candle is safely lit, close your eyes & focus on the energy of the chakra you are working with.

Allow all other thoughts to fade away except the one intention you have in your mind.

Continue this meditation exercise as long as you like.

Do this each day until you have worked through all the Chakra Points.

Repeat as often as you like.

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