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Selenite helps to connect with one's guides, guardians & higher Self. brings mental clarity, helps with memory problems, clears confusion and reveal the bigger picture behind any problem. It calms, soothes, brings deep peace & tranquility.  

Selenite clears, opens and activates the Crown and Higher Chakras. Great for all types of spiritual work.  

Currently available-Selenite Pieces-Straight/Wand Style only

  • These are pieces measuring approximately 1.5"- 2" in length. The item you receive may or may not look as pictured. 

Refresh your home, business even your cars with spiritual products for Road Opeing and protection. Make a spray or use Incense to energize yourself and these areas for the best vibrations around you.

Use Camphor for cutting and removing unwanted energies. Burn on charcoal or use in water. Did you know?

Camphor is EXCELLENT for cutting ties with a person.