How Do I Rid My Home of Negative Energy?

How Do I Rid My Home of Negative Energy?

If you’ve been feeling a negative presence in your home, it could be a result of a buildup of negative energy. Many things can cause a build-up of negative energy in your home, which is why it’s a good idea to use cleansing products to clear the energy in your home every once in a while. In today’s post, Yeyeo Botanica goes over some things you can do to rid your home of negative energy. Read on to learn more and check out our YouTube page to learn more!

Set a New Intention

Our thoughts can have a big effect on the energy surrounding us. If you want a more positive home, you need to set a more positive intention. Ask yourself what you want for your space and speak it out loud. For example: “My intention is to clear negative energy from my home so I can feel safe and focused.”

Burn Some Dried Herbs

There are tons of herbs that have been used to cleanse negative energy out of space. Pick one and place it in a fire-safe container. Light it until the flame catches and then blow the flame out. Fan the smoke around every corner of the room while thinking or speaking your intention.

Be Strategic About the Placement of Your Spiritual Items

Crystals and spiritual items can help change the energy in a space. Crystals especially are very beneficial to a home and can do wonders for energy. Place some crystals strategically around your home to cleanse the space, especially ones like tourmaline and hematite.

Try Some Essential Oils

Spiritual oils, such as sage, lavender, or frankincense are great for cleansing the energy in the space. Try placing a few drops in a diffuser and let it fill the room and see how the energy shifts. You can also make a room spray with equal parts witch hazel and distilled water and around 20 drops of your chosen scent.

If the energy feels off in your home, you have options. There are many things you can do to cleanse negative energy out of your space. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey Yeyeo Botanica can help. We offer quality spiritual items for any spiritual person. Check out our YouTube page to learn more!

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