Evil Eye Talismans & how they work.

Evil Eye Talismans & how they work.

What is an "Evil Eye" Talisman and what is it for?

Chances are you have seen these powerful symbol many times. Also know as a Nazar or Mal De Ojo (Against Evil Eye), it is commonly used as a wall hanging talisman or wearable jewelry such as a necklace or bracelet.

Some will have a picture hanging facing the front door of their home or business.

The evil eye is believed to be a type of curse, cast or thrown at you by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they do not know about it. Many spiritual traditions believe that being the victim of an "Evil Eye" curse can cause great harm to the person being cursed by it.

"Evil Eye" Talismans are for warding off negative energy people "throw" at you. This can be by looking at you with bad intent or visualizing or thinking negativity towards you.

Example of an Evil Eye Bracelet

In Turkey, it both protects & brings good luck, it is often made into wall hangings, necklaces, pendants & bracelets. It is most commonly a beautiful bright blue & white color. Other lucky elements such as horseshoes or elephants are included.

In Hispanic/Latin cultures, the Evil Eye charm is usually made to look like a real eye & made in natural eye colors. Mothers will often get a an evil eye bracelet or necklace with the color of their child's actual eye color. This is thought to be extra protective.

Evil Eye Pendant, made to look more realistic

Evil Eye Charms are great for businesses, hanging one on a wall facing a door can repel negative energy from jealous competitors.

For the individual, it helps to deflect envy, hate and jealousy away from you.

Many people will also hang an Evil Eye charm in their car as a measure of protection from any evil, the idea being that your guardian spirits are always keeping a watchful eye on you.

We carry many different types of Evil Eye Talismans, Bracelets & Pendants, styles are always changing so come on by and find the right one for you.

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