Devil's Shoestring

Devil's Shoestring

"Devil's shoestring" refers to the common name for several plant species in North America, especially those belonging to the Viburnum and Cracca. (or Tephrosia) genera. These plants have traditionally been used in folk magic and herbal remedies by various indigenous peoples and in the American Hoodoo tradition.


In folk magic, particularly in the Hoodoo tradition, devil's shoestring roots are believed to have protective properties. They're used in various ways:
1. Protection against evil: Carrying a piece of the root is believed to protect a person from harm, evil intentions, or negative energies.
2. Gambling luck: Some believe that carrying the root can enhance one's luck, especially in gambling situations.
3. Binding and tripping up enemies: The name "devil's shoestring" comes from the belief that the root can trip up or bind the devil or other enemies, preventing them from causing harm.
4. Employment: It's sometimes used in spells or rituals intended to secure a job or maintain job security.

Being Mindful

It's worth noting that beliefs and practices can vary widely, and what might be a tradition or belief in one community might not be the same in another. As with many folk traditions and practices, personal experience, passed down knowledge, and regional variations play a significant role in their perpetuation.

If you're considering using devil's shoestring or any other herb for medicinal purposes, it's essential to consult with a knowledgeable healthcare provider or herbalist, as not all traditional remedies are safe or effective for modern use.

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