Spiritual Essentials 101-Florida Water, Cascarilla, Anil & Camphor-Spiritual Essential Tools you MUST Have!

Spiritual Essentials 101-Florida Water, Cascarilla, Anil & Camphor-Spiritual Essential Tools you MUST Have!

There are so many different tools you can use in so many ways. Herbs, washes, candles. The list is endless.

We’re going to focus on 4 items we believe are essential that all spiritual households would benefit from having available.

They are: Florida Water, Cascarilla, Anil (also known as bluing, indigo and Anil Modamu) & Camphor.

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If we look at each of their basic energetic properties, you can see it is why these particular 4 items are easy to mix & match. They are relatively inexpensive items that can be found easily also.

Florida Water-Agua Florida

Used for purification, cleansing & sanctifying yourself & the area around you. Commonly used on altars and in spiritual misas or gatherings, it cleanses & clears heavy energetic vibrations to better receive messages from the spirits and ancestors. It also has a calming, soothing effect, many will wear it every day or sprinkle it all around their altars or bovedas. It has a very positive, energetic vibration.

Cascarilla-Egg Shell Powder

Powdered eggshell that is a staple in most ATR traditions, but especially Lukumi/Santeria & folk magic. It is used to purify, cleanse and bring peace and tranquility to a person or space. It repels & forms barriers also against all types of negativity & spirits. It soothes & calms people & the environment around them.


Also known as bluing, indigo & Anil Modamu. Also for cleaning or purification. Anil’s energy helps get rid crossed conditions, takes off jinxes, clears away enemy tricks/works & to help remove evil/negative patterns. It promotes peace in the home and helps end family troubles. It is also used for luck & gambling.


A strong resin used to remove negative spirits & energies, especially those specifically “thrown” or directed at you. It is a simple but strong resin that clears & removes almost all types of negative energies, vibrations & spirits. This item normally is burned on charcoal as an incense or used whole in a glass of water.


Now that you have an understanding of their basic properties, the million dollar question is how to use them.

Depending on what your goal is, look at their energetic properties. Do you want peace & tranquility? Do you feel heavy vibrations or unwanted energy around you?

If you want to cleanse yourself, make a mix of Florida Water & Cascarilla for a simple yet effective spiritual bath. You can also use this mix to wash the floors of your home or business. Add a couple of drops of Anil for added strength.

To keep out negativity & evil, place a glass of water with 1 or 2 camphor blocks by the main door of your home or business. Refill the cup with water every week, once the camphor block dissolves, add more. Anil can also be added to this cup of water for added strength.

As you can see, with just 4 basic ingredients, you can do quite a bit!

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Do you sell the 7 African powers statue that was featured on your video if so, how much was it and do you have any to sell.

Nassem Bey

Blessings, I have a sever allergy to eggs and therefore can not use cascarilla. Do you know of another product I can use as an alternative or replacement?



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