St Peter the Road Opener

St Peter the Road Opener

An overlooked but powerful saint in spiritual practices is Saint Peter. His mythology or story is an interesting one. In the bible, it states:

“"And I will give to you the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." - Mathew 16:19

Saint Peter, who was given the keys to the kingdom of heaven, was locked away by King Herod. An angel came and released him from his prison. Ever since, Saint Peter has been associated as the one who can unlock and open all roads and obstacles.

Some of his attributes:

Feast Day is June 29th

Day of the Week: Tuesdays

Colors: Red & White

Symbols or Emblems: Two Crossed Keys

Saint Peter is believed to be a powerful ally in unlocking all situations & removing all obstacles that may be in your way.

An unlocking ritual for Saint Peter

While there are many variations of this traditional work you can find, they all include the same basic elements; A key, dirt from the crossroads & a candle for Saint Peter. This is our version.

Items needed:

A metal key of any kind, size depends on if you will be carrying this with you or not.

Dirt collected from a cross road-enough to fill a medium size bowl or box.

A box or bowl, to hold the dirt.

A red, white or orange 7 day candle. Choose the color that attracts you most.

One of the following oils: Open Roads, Unlock, Uncrossing or Saint Peter

One of the following incense: Open Roads, Unlock, Unblock or Uncrossing

An image of Saint Peter, it can be a picture or a statue.


First fill the bowl with the dirt collected.

Anoint the top of the candle with the oil you have chosen.

Make an indentation in the dirt large enough to place the candle about a 1/3rd of the length of the candle. Place the candle inside the indentation.

Place the key in the bowl with the candle & dirt from the crossroads.

Light the candle then the incense.

Pray to Saint Peter for the removal off all obstacles & blocks in your life. Ask him to unlock all doors and situations that are closed and to open all opportunity & success to you.

Once the candle is finished, then you can remove the key from the bowl. The key you can carry with you or hang above the door of your home or business, ensuring his protection & good fortune follows you.

You can keep this setup permanently to Saint Peter or only do this when you feel the need to.

The dirt is to be returned to a crossroad with an offering of 9 pennies to Saint Peter if you do decide not to keep the setup.

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I want to do this to free my self and my family from having blockage. but I can’t get a crossroad dirthe, what can I used ?


Do you fix the candles , do you sale the crossroads dirt


I love your store and always feel welcome when I enter the shop. It is a great discovery for me spirit. The items I purchased are empowering.


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