Everything you wanted to know about Dragon’s Blood

Everything you wanted to know about Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s Blood is one of the most well known spiritual items around. It is used in all sorts of spiritual traditions in a variety of ways.

Clearly it really isn’t from a dragon, so where does it come from?


Dragon’s Blood comes from resin or the sap of trees, originally from the species Dracaenaceae.

Dracaena or Dragon's Blood Trees are found throughout the Canary Islands, Madeira Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Morocco, tropical Africa, with some species found in Asia and one species in South America.**

It is this resin which is harvested & processed into the many products we know today as Dragon’s Blood.

The resin is dried & left in its natural raw state or turned in a powder which forms the base of oils, inks, baths etc.


Dragon’s Blood uses are dual in nature. It is used for purification, cleansing, strong jinx breaking & removal of all types negativity. It is also used for love & money drawing, as it has a strong energetic vibration that attracts.

Dragon’s Blood is an enhancer. It “kicks up” the energy of work you are doing. Adding Dragon’s Blood to love & money works helps boost the strength of the work.

The powdered resin when mixed with water or oil is used as an ink for writing out spells. It is believed that petitions or spells written with Dragon’s Blood ink on parchment paper are powerful & lucky.

The resin can be burned on charcoal with other similar herbs & resins. It is used in spiritual baths & floor washes & most popularly in incense. When used as incense, it can be found in raw block form, stick incense or cone incense.

As you can see, there are many different uses & ways to use Dragon’s Blood, find one that works best for you!

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