Candle magic 101-Simple Candle Workings for Beginners

Candle magic 101-Simple Candle Workings for Beginners

Now that we have laid out the foundations for you with our 2 previous blogs, lets get to the fun stuff!

You have a basic understanding of the types of candles we can use and what the underlying colors mean… do you put those two things together for candle work?

The first question with any workings will always be this........what is your intention?

Money drawing? Love drawing, Peace in your home? Health? Once you figure out what your goal is, then you can gather your tools together for your candle work.

Is your work going to be short or long in duration? Perhaps the better question is how much time can you devote to your work.There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the limitations of modern life & its challenges; one of them being the hectic schedules of work and family.

Penny candles maybe a good solution. They burn down in a couple of hours and can be easily repeated as much as you desire. Being small also makes them easy to use.

Choose the color for your intention and dress it with the appropriate herbs, oils or powders as desired.

If you have more time or prefer something with more “punch”, a larger candle such as a 7 Day Candle may be more suitable for you.

They can be left burning for consecutive days straight to continuously put energy behind your prayer or work. Pull Out Candles are great for writing prayers or inscribing symbols of strength or power to help your work progress.

If you have specific requests in mind, figure candles are also fantastic. A Knob Candle can be used for very strong wishes or requests such as a promotion or new job. Knob candles are burned a portion at a time every day until the candle is finished.

A Cat Candle can be used for good luck or to bring good fortune your way. A Couple Candle can help you bring love into your life or sweeten up an existing relationship.

Here are a couple of simple candle workings for you to try, if you like these, feel free to visit us for more ideas at our store!

White Candle Meditation

White Candle of your choice-any size


White Sage Incense

Glass of Water

Find a quiet place for you to set up this work. Place the glass of water next to the candle. Next put some cascarilla on your forehead, your temples, your throat, your heart, your palms, your stomach & the soles of your feet. Light the candle & the incense. Pray for light, peace, tranquility to surround you the same way a candle lights up everything around it. Focus on that idea-that candles light up everything around them. A great meditation exercise to do whenever you feel down, you can even leave this set up as a meditation altar to use whenever you like!

Money & Prosperity

Green Candle of your choice-any size

Open Road Oil

Patchouli Leaf

Glass of water

Anoint your candle with Open Road Oil. Around the base of the candle, sprinkle some of the Patchouli Leaf. Place the glass of water next to the candle. Light the candle & pray for your needs & wants. Be specific & clear in your prayers.

Orange Action Candle

Orange Candle of your choice-any size

Van Van Oil

Cinnamon Powder

Anoint the candle with van van oil, making sure its coated well but not soaked. Then sprinkle cinnamon powder on a plate. Roll the candle in the cinnamon powder, getting as much cinnamon powder as you can on the candle. Place a glass of water next to the candle. Light the candle on a safe surface or candle holder, then before you start praying, snap your fingers or clap your hands to get your spirits attention to your work. Be energetic in your prayers! This is an action work to get things going, whatever your work may be. This work can be used in conjunction with a love spell, money spell, protection spell etc.

If you like these, keep your eyes out for more, we will continue to write up more great articles, spells, recipes & blogs!

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