Spring Cleaning for the Home or Business

Spring Cleaning for the Home or Business

A lot of times we get questions on how to keep our homes or business clean spiritually. As with cars, everything requires maintenance & so does our spiritual environment.

Spring is a great time energetically to renew the vibrations in our homes & businesses. Here are some quick simple ideas to maintain those environments.

1.Smoke out/ use Incense every day.

2.Mop/Sprinkle with a Jinx Breaking Liquid.

3.Keep a Cup of Camphor & Water by the Front Door.

4.Have some type of movement or energy flowing, like a mini water fountain or fan blowing.

Here is is a simple spiritual cleaning you that can be done for your home or business.

Item needed:

Eucalyptus Incense

White Penny Candle & Candle Holder

Camphor Blocks

Sea Salt or Regular Table Salt

Tall Glass filled with cool water

Bell of your choice


Open a door or window in your home of business. Starting from the back of the area to the front, you will light the eucalyptus incense, ask for protection & the removal of all negative energies. As you go from room to room, ring the bell & continue praying asking for all negative energies to leave.

Once you are done, take the tall glass, fill it with water. Add 1 block of camphor and a spoonful of salt.

In front of the door on the floor, you will place this glass & the white penny or small stick candle(household sized, usually 4 inch candle).

Light the candle and again, ask for the removal of all negativity & protection from all harm.

Light more incense if you wish.

Once the candle is finished, move the glass of water to a corner by the front door where it can stay permanently. The water should be kept full, the camphor block replaced once you see it is dissolved.

The above ritual is simple but highly effective to keep negative energies away from your home or business.

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