Herbs & Plants in Every Day Spiritual Life

Herbs & Plants in Every Day Spiritual Life

Nature gives us many great and wonderful gifts. One of the many useful & beneficial tools we can all take advantage of are herbs, plants & flowers. Almost all of Nature’s greenery has some kind of spiritual use to it.

Everyone knows roses are great to give to a sweetheart, but did you know rose petals are great for use in a spiritual bath for love & general sweetness in your life?

While many plants & flowers can be used, herbs are most commonly known for spiritual or magical works.

You can use fresh or dried herbs in many ways:
In Baths
Floor Sweeps
Sachets/Mojo Bags

Boiled or steeped in water- you can drink as a tea (not all plants/herbs can be ingested! Be careful & do research carefully). The infused water can be bathed with, you can mop the floors of your home or business.

Herbs can be added to all types of candles. You would have to do a little research based on what your intention is; for example is this a love drawing candle? Money Drawing?

Pick the herbs that correspond with your intended goal.

Pull out candles are great for using with herbs & oils. You can work with the candle by placing the herbs all over it & then place it back into the glass.

Herbs can be used a floor sweep or to pick up/remove negative energies. Place some strong jinx breaking herbs in the corners of your home. Leave them there for as long as you want then sweep or vacuum up the herbs. You can continue to place herbs as long as you like.

Sprinkle herbs around your home or business for specific intentions: Money drawing, Protection etc.

Dried herbs make a great addition to incense.

Mixed with resins like Dragon’s Blood, Myrrh, Frankincense, you can burn them on charcoal for spiritual cleansing, peace, tranquility during meditation etc.

Again, you choose the herbs for your specific intention.

Carry herbs with you in a sachet for luck & prosperity, for protection & much more.

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