Road Opening Work

Road Opening Work

Road Opener Work:

Items needed: Open Roads Candle, Success Oil, Patchouli Herb, Unlock Incense Small

Optional Items: Holder/Burner for Incense if you do not already have one.

Dress the candle with Success Oil and Patchouli Herb. Place a clear glass of water next to the candle.

Light the Unlock Incense and pray/meditate regarding your request.

You can let this candle burn for 7 days straight until it is finished or you may light it a few minutes every day as you wish.

Light the incense every time you pray or meditate on your request.

Repeat as desired.

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Hello my name is Jeremy Davis in I wanna know how much is for the reading on Tuesday..thanks


Is this recommended when you are trying to determine your spiritual road, your soul road?


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