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About Yeyeo Botanica

"A Modern Approach to Traditional Beliefs"....That our Yeyeo Botanica motto.

Yeyeo is a cultural, holistic and esoteric lifestyle company. Come join us at our new expanded location Inside University Plaza -186 West Market Street in Newark NJ!

We are close to the Newark Museum, NJPAC, Prudential Center Arena, NJIT & Rutgers University-Newark Campus.

We're known by many things: Santeria/Lukumi/Yoruba Botanica, Metaphysical Store, Spiritual Supplies, Hoodoo/Voodoo, Witchcraft, Pagan, Mystics, New Age or Religious goods or whatever you're looking for. There's something for everyone here at Yeyeo Botanica.

Easy to get to us via public transit or car, we are a short distance from Newark Penn Station. 

At Yeyeo Botanica we pride ourselves on our customer service.  One of the benefits of our store is that we give you one on one attention & guidance, unlike many “big box” retailers. 

We hand pick the best products for all your spiritual needs & offer an experience that cannot be beat. Come see for yourself & join our family!

Our customers are from all nationalities, ages, and faiths. We are as unique & special as our wonderful customers are.

We offer a wide variety of items such as: herbs, oils, candles, incense, books, amulets, crystals, esoteric gifts and services. In addition, to merchandise an classes, spiritual coaching and legal non-denominational Chaplain services are available.

We also offer a variety of Spiritual Readings and Divination, in person or over the phone. There is always a solution to a problem. 

Visit u in-store or online. We have something for everyone, seeing is believing!

Follow us on social media, visit our blog for great ideas & information. Sign up for our emailing list as well to get notified of any upcoming classes, events and hot sales :) 

Follow your path to the river ...YeYe O!

Watch a video about Yeyeo Botanica on Ark Republic here: Welcome to a Botanica



The Yeyeo Blog

  • Honey: Liquid Gold of Spirituality and Healing
    November 25, 2023 Yeyeo Botanica

    Honey: Liquid Gold of Spirituality and Healing

    Steeped in sweetness and drenched in cultural history, honey isn't just a delightful treat for our taste buds; it's a reservoir of spiritual significance and ancient remedies. Let's unravel the enchanting tapestry of honey's multifaceted uses and a spell to...

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  • Yerba Santa: The Sacred Herb of Spiritual Elevations
    November 25, 2023 Yeyeo Botanica

    Yerba Santa: The Sacred Herb of Spiritual Elevations

    Yerba Santa, a name that translates to "Holy Herb," is revered in spiritual communities for its ethereal vibrations and multifaceted benefits. Native to the western United States, its potency isn't just medicinal but deeply metaphysical. Yerba Santa's Legacy This evergreen...

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  • Parchment: Timeless Tales and Transcendent Rituals
    November 25, 2023 Yeyeo Botanica

    Parchment: Timeless Tales and Transcendent Rituals

    Parchment, the predecessor to our modern paper, has cradled the words of sages, mystics, and scholars for millennia. Beyond the annals of history, its spiritual and magical connotations shimmer subtly. From Past to Present Historically, parchment, crafted from animal skins,...

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