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Joss Paper-Ancestor Money-Different Styles

Original price $ 1.25 - Original price $ 2.95
Original price
$ 2.95
$ 1.25 - $ 2.95
Current price $ 2.95

Joss Paper, also known as Ancestor Money, Ghost Money, Spirit Paper or Hell Notes in Asian Traditions.

Excellent for Abundance & Prosperity Work. In Chinese Rituals and practices, Ancestor Money is burned to provide your loved ones with “Spirit” Money to spend in Heaven so that they can enjoy the afterlife.

There are many different traditions for using Ancestor Money which are just fascinating. 

Use to honor the ancestors, in spiritual works for abundance, prosperity for the home and business. 

Choose from 3 different styles- Traditional Money Style, Joss Style Plain or Square Traditional with Gold/Silver.

Joss Style-Plain 5 for $2.00

Traditional Gold or Silver- 5 for $2.95

Traditional Money Style-5 for $1.25

March is a great month for manifesting changes and doing work for Luck, Money and Opportunity.

Remember your words are power! Put out into the universe what you want and it will come to you.

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