Tonka Bean Magic 101 with Yeyeo Botanica

Tonka Bean Magic 101 with Yeyeo Botanica

Tonka Beans are an absolute favorite of ours here at Yeyeo Botanica. These interesting and fragrant beans are native to Central America and the Northern sections of South America.

Their scientific name is Dipteryx Odorata. They are also known as Cumaru/Kumaru Beans, Tonkin, Tonquin and Love Beans.

They are used in luxury perfumes and fragrances. Tonka Beans give off a scent that some describe as heavenly.

Due to their rich scent, it is believed Tonka Beans have a powerful vibration of affluence and sexual attraction as well. This is why they are very popular for all types of love/sex and money magic workings.

Traditionally, Tonka Beans are used to make wishes come true. You would carry the Tonka Bean every day with out fail for 7 days, each day continuing to repeat your wish.

On the 7th day, you would go to a river or moving body of water, make your wish again out loud then toss the Tonka Bean in the river. You would turn around and not look back. Allegedly in 7 days your wish would be granted.

Try out this Exclusive recipe of Yeyeo Botanica today!

Lucky Money Magnet™ Spell with Tonka Beans

What you Need:

  • Tonka Beans-at least 1 but as many as you like.
  • Paper- We recommend Joss Paper, Ancestor Money or Parchment Paper for added strength.
  • Tobacco Oil or Dragon's Blood Oil
  • Any Small Bag to put your Tonka Bean in


  • Write your name on the paper and your specific intention. Keep it short & sweet.
  • Anoint the corners of the paper with the oil you chose to use.
  • Put the intention paper in the bag with the Tonka Bean. Leave on your intention altar, your place of business or carry with you.
  • Add other powerful money drawing items you may like, see our collection here: Money & Prosperity

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