Magnets & Lodestones for Spell Work

Magnets & Lodestones for Spell Work

Magnets & Lodestones are great for attracting, drawing & bringing to you the things you desire.

While well known for money drawing spells, they are also great for Love & Health.

While everyone knows what Magnets are, Lodestones are a bit different.

Lodestones are rocky pieces of the natural mineral Magnetite. Not all magnetite pieces are charged or magnetized, which makes lodestones very special.

The idea behind using Magnets & Lodestones is very simple, they attract & draw.

Here are some easy spells & spiritual workings to try.

For drawing Health & Well Being:

  • Medium/Large Lodestone or Magnet
  • 7 Day Candles-choose from Blue, Green or Brown
  • Herbs such as All Heal, Cedar, Chamomile, Dandelion Root, Life Everlasting, Spearmint
  • Open Road Oil

Put a few drops of Open Road Oil on the candle & sprinkle whatever herbs you chose.

Put the Lodestone in front of the candle. Pray for health to always come to you or a loved one. Make this request stronger by writing on parchment paper your request then leave it under the candle.

If doing this work for a loved one, place a picture of them next to the candle.

For Money Drawing:

  • 2 magnets or Lodestones
  • Parchment paper
  • an oil of your choice such as Elemi's Lucky Money Oil.

Write down what you want on the parchment paper, then anoint the 4 corners of the paper with the oil. Then take the paper and put it in between the 2 magnets. Put this someone where safe, you can even get a little jar, sprinkle some lodestone fillings and add some money drawing herbs in this jar for added effect.

For Love & Relationships:

  • 2 Magnets or Lodestones,
  • A Male Figure Candle & Female Figure Candle (or of course, choose the candles based on your relationship)
  • Parchment Paper
  • An Oil of your choice such as Elemi's Lucky in Love Oil
  • Dried herbs of your choice for love & relationships
  • Small plate or dish

Write on the parchment paper your desire, anoint the 4 corners of the parchment paper with the oil you chose. Take the parchment paper & put it in between the magnets or lodestones. Then put this on the small plate or dish, sprinkle some herbs around this.

On either side of the plate/dish, light the candles. You can dress/anoint with oils & herbs if you like. Light the candles & make your affirmation on what you desire.

Burn the candles for only a few minutes a day, repeating your affirmation & desires.

As always, Love, Light & Progress!

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