Magical Seals 101

Magical Seals 101

Seals are powerful symbols that are used for all types of spiritual and magical workings.

Commonly found on on paper, they are also made into metal pendants that can be worn or re-used as much as you like.

Seals are magical writings that create or influence vibrations towards a specific desire or request. They connect to a specific energy to help you with the work you are doing.

Traditionally, seals were written on parchment paper with red ink, as this was considered especially lucky.

Seals are also made into spiritual jewelry that can we worn or carried.

Seals are great because there are so many to use for countless purposes; from Love & Money Drawing to Protection & Defense against evil.

Example of A Seal made into a pendant

When working with Seals, as we say with everything, first decide on the goal or intention.

Once you have the goal clearly in mind, then choose the best seal for your situation.

Once you have chosen which seal you would like to use, you use the Seal in one of many different ways.

On the back of the seal, write your intention or request. Strengthen the seal by adding/using a spiritual oil with it. Rub a couple drops of oil in your hands then hold the seal in your hands, gently rubbing the seal & focusing on your intention.

The seal can go under a candle, inside a candle or tied to the outside of a candle. You can also burn the seal by dropping it into the candle's flame.

Seals can also be carved into larger candles such as Pull Out Candles.

This is an especially good work to do when trying to banish or get rid of something unwanted.

For Love or Money Drawing, anoint the seal with an oil & carry with you to attract what you desire. You can make a mojo bag with seals, herbs, crystals & whatever you like to enhance or raise the vibration of what you are trying to accomplish.

The Master Key Seal

*Symbol of health, good fortune and success in all one under takings*

Carry a Money or Prosperity Seal in your wallet to always attract wealth.

Seals carried together with High John Root or Galangal Root are excellent for Court Cases or any situation where a 3rd party holds influence.


*Opens all doors and locks, no matter in what way they may be fastened, and calls forth the spirits of the moon to serve the owner of this talisman*

Write the name of a troublesome person on the back of a seal, then put that seal in your shoe to keep the person from causing you problems.

Seals can be dressed with oil & left anywhere in your home or business for protection, peace, luck & success.

People even leave seals in their cars for protection while travelling, this is great if you work in a profession where you are outside a lot.

View some of the seals we carry here: Seals

Wikipedia has a pretty good explanation/breakdown of the Seals, read it here:

Book of Moses Seals

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