Health & Healing Spiritual Work

Health & Healing Spiritual Work

Health & Healing

Spiritual Workings & Rituals

On Today's blog, learn ways to help strengthen the health & well being of yourself & loved ones.

There are many crystals for healing the body, mind & spirit.

Herbs & Plants can be used in many ways for health & healing.

Health & Healing is a topic that comes up a lot in conversation. Orisha & practitioners will always say to make sure you see the doctor, there are just some things a candle CAN'T fix!

However, there are ways to also help ourselves spiritually when it comes to our health.

Health comes in many forms-Spiritual, Physical & Mental. We can use spiritual tools in additional to modern medicine to give us the best opportunities possible.

Herbal Baths are excellent, they help to remove negative energies tied to your health. Some great herbs to start with are Cedar, All Heal, Life Everlasting, Marigold, Calendula, Rosemary, Angelica, Basil, Fennel, Lavender & Chamomile. They are easy to find & we also carry many of them.

Burn on charcoal for aromatic healing energy & to clean a home of unhealthy,negative vibrations.

Boil the herbs like you would a tea, roughly 20 mins until the water is dark. To make the bath even stronger, let it sit overnight then use.

This liquid can be sprinkled on yourself, or around the home. You can also use it to bathe an ill person or anoint them with this healing bath.

Place some healing herbs in a small jar or decorative vase in the room of a person who is ill if possible, to help start bringing positive health energy to them.

These same herbs can be used to dress a candle for health & healing. Brown candles are excellent for stabilizing, strengthening & grounding a person's health. White is also an excellent candle, especially when dealing with emotional or mental health issues. White soothes & calms.

Anoint your chosen candle color with an oil such as Open Road, Cut & Clear, Clearance, Uncrossing or Unlock. Then sprinkle whatever herbs you prefer into the candle.

To add further power to your prayer, write on the back of a Seal your prayers & requests. The Master Key Seal, Seal of Long Life or Seal of Jesus of God are some great seals to use. Put the seal under the candle you are burning & leave it there until the candle finishes.

Once the candle is finished, you can carry the seal in a mojo bag with herbs for added protection. Anoint the corners of the seal with your chosen oil.

Some crystals such as Green Aventurine, Bloodstone, Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Crystal Quartz & Amethyst are excellent for their healing energies. These stones help to stabilize & improve health overall. Add these to your lucky health bag for even more effect.

As always, peace & blessings to all!

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