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Lucky Cat Candle Magic-for Fast Luck

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Did you know? Cat Candles are excellent for special favor and fast luck.

Check out this FANTASTIC Mini Master Class with Elemi! 

Elemi's show you a powerful ritual with Cat Candles for an important request. 

Watch from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your home! 

This is a mini video class that you can watch on your own time. 

 One of a kind Spiritual work you ONLY find here at Yeyeo Botanica. 

***Please note all classes and workshops presented by Yeyeo Botanica are copyrighted & trademarked material and are only provided for personal use. It cannot be replicated, copied, duplicated or adjusted in any way shape or form for any type of commercial or business use***.  

Authorization from Yeyeo Botanica is required. All Rights Reserved.

How to participate:

  1. Pay online here at
  2. VERY IMPORTANT! You will receive a welcome email with instructions to register in our Online Class System. Simply follow the steps in the welcome email. 
  3. Once you set up your account for class access, enjoy watching at your leisure.


Please check your spam/junk folders to make sure you did not miss the welcome email. 

Technical issues:

  • Send an email to, Subject Line SUPPORT-ONLINE CLASS
  • Please make sure you use the subject line SUPPORT-ONLINE CLASS.
  • The correct subject line will help us to find and respond to your email faster, otherwise there will be a delay in assisting you.
  • IMPORTANT!!!!-The class system can take time to update and show the available class after you log in. If you do not see the course loaded right away, we ask for patience as it will update and show availability. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to 30 minutes or longer.

Thank you for choosing Yeyeo Botanica for your Spiritual and Wellness supplies.

We are your modern approach to traditional beliefs.

Many Blessings. 

Jump start the intentions you set in April with any type of Road Opening Tools such as our Open Road Candles, Soaps etc.

Focus on your goals ahead of you, the road in front of you, what do you want to manifest really?

Spiritual Exercise: Write down one goal for this month and burn any luck or special favor candle next to this goal or petition.

Use Road Opening Tools:

  • To Remove Obstacles
  • Bring favor and Opportunity
  • To keep things moving smoothly

Try these great spiritual tools here:

Road Opening & Favor