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Agni Manitite Meteorite/Tektite

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Powerful and Rare Stone from the Pacific, Agni Manitite is known as the Divine Pearl of Fire. 

It's origins are mysterious and unknown; some say it is a Meteorite, others say it comes from a Volcano. 

It is a powerful stone to use for Manifestation, Transformation and Creation. This stone carries the same energy as Moldavite but at a fraction of the cost! 

Agni Manitite encourages leadership, spiritual awakening, boosts personal strength and energy. it is said to turn possibilities into actuality which makes this a fantastic stone to use in all types of manifestation and intention work.

Jump start the intentions you set in April with any type of Road Opening Tools such as our Open Road Candles, Soaps etc.

Focus on your goals ahead of you, the road in front of you, what do you want to manifest really?

Spiritual Exercise: Write down one goal for this month and burn any luck or special favor candle next to this goal or petition.

Use Road Opening Tools:

  • To Remove Obstacles
  • Bring favor and Opportunity
  • To keep things moving smoothly

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