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Lucky in Love Mojo Bag

Lucky in Love Mojo Bag

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is a simple mojo bag spell for bringing the right type of love and romance into your life. 

What you need:

  • Tonka Bean
  • Seal of Love
  • Open Road Powder
  • Come to me Powder
  • Any Love oil you like
  • Red or Pink Bag
  • Red Penny Candles

  • Instructions:

    • First on the back of the Seal of Love, write out your intentions. Be specific and keep it short. 
    • Take a Red Penny Candle, dress it with any Love or Attraction Oil you choose and the Open Road and Come to Me Powders above. 
    • Put a little of the oils and powders on the Tonka Bean and on the 4 corners of the Seal Of Love, again praying on your intention.
    • Put the Seal of Love and Tonka Bean into the bag, close it and then take a moment to pray about the intention you wrote down.
    • Hold the bag in both hands and talk your intention into the bag.
    • Once finished, light the Red Penny Candle safely next to the bag. 
    • Once the candle is finished, carry this bag so the right Love can find you!

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