Jezebel Root for Money Drawing

Jezebel Root for Money Drawing

We LOVE Roots and herbs for spiritual workings. Todays blog is about the infamous Jezebel Root.

Jezebel Root is named after a historical figure, a princess of Phoenician ancestry, Jezebel. She allegedly was able to convince her husband, the King of Phoenicia to indulge and give her anything she wanted.

It is this energy that makes it a great tool for all types of Money, Love and Luck workings.

Jezebel root comes a species of Iris found all over temperate climates.

Known as Louisiana Iris (Iris hexagona, Iris fulva, or Iris foliosa).

Real Jezebel Root is a seasonal plant. It is only available at limited times. It is actual pieces of root and not pieces of tree bark.

Jezebel Root’s Magical & Spiritual Properties:

  • Money/Wealth Magic
  • Controlling/Domination
  • Feminine Empowerment & Will Power
  • Currying Favor or Special Treatment to your benefit.
  • Cursing and Hexing
  • Attracts well off suitors or spouses
  • Great for people who work in businesses where you get tips or commission.

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Here's how to use Jezebel Root for Money Drawing:

  • Wrap a dollar bill around a Piece of Jezebel Root, tie it up with green thread or string. Carry with you, especially at business meetings, contracts or negotiations where you want to influence the outcome to your favor.
  • Add Jezebel Root to your favorite Money oil. Let it sit for a couple days at least. Put on your shoes so anyone or anything you want will have to follow you and grant you the favor you demand :)

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